An initiative of Europa-Universität and Hochschule Flensburg,the
campus-wide @ventureDock is an EXIST V project, funded by the
‚Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie‘ (BMWi) and targets all
students and employees from the HS and EUF.

The aim is to develop structures for a future-oriented start-up
university, anchor curricular entrepreneurship courses, enhance the
exploitation of students and University employees for entrepreneurial
thinking and acting, extend extracurricular entrepreneurship training as
well as start-up consulting and support. Ultimately, @ventureDock aims
for more start-ups on campus by students and employees.


@ventureDock in the VC Magazine.

Read more about us and Dr. Kirsten Mikkelsen’s interview here.


@venture Dock showed me how to broaden my daily horizons and think outside the box in a certain way.  I learned to find solution ideas for small everyday problems and to discuss them within a group until we have discarded the ideas or even found really good market ideas. These market ideas not only help me as an individual, but also make everyday life easier for a large number of people. The  teamwork showed me perspectives that I would not have thought about beforehand. My team was diverse, but very creative. Thus, working together was always fun and didn’t really feel like work.


@ventureDock brought me closer to various design processes and showed me how to implement an idea in a structured manner with a team. What I like about the @ventureDock course is learning about different disciplines and educational institutions. Everyone learns from everyone! The course helps me to improve my own work in a group, using applications specially designed for group work are the perfect addition.




@ventureDock motivated me to pick up a start-up idea and develop it further with the help of specific methods. Exciting lectures gave me insights into the development of young founders, which inspired my own future. Through @ventureDock, I became aware of many other entrepreneurial offers of support from the region.



@ventureDock showed me how a design process can turn from an initial idea to a concept into a presentation. Through @ventureDock, I learned entrepreneurial theories and design thinking tools, as well as how to select and apply these methods. During the course, I particularly enjoyed working in interdisciplinary groups and trying out what I had theoretically learned on my own project.