Entrepreneurship Certificate for Students.


Get a certificate for your entrepreneurial @ventures!

  • You study at Hochschule Flensburg or Europa Universität Flensburg?
  • You took part in the course “Entrepreneurial @venture – create your future” and want to exceed your entrepreneurial skills?
  • You know, of course, that entrepreneurial skills are very relevant for your future, whether you want to start up your own business, get a job or become a teacher?

Show your extracurricular activities and entrepreneurial know-how with one of our certificates!

Entrepreneurship Education in Schools- Certificate


The Entrepreneurship Education in Schools-Certificate is for you if you plan a professional teaching career – in schools or other educational settings.

According to the “Landeskonzept Entrepreneurship Education” from the Ministry of Education in Schleswig-Holstein, all schools will be asked to implement interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education as part of their curriculum. So this certificate can be a real asset for you as a teacher-to-be! But most importantly, you will get to know many tools for innovative, creative and interactive classroom activities that apply to all kinds of subjects and topics.

Entrepreneurship Skills for Students -Certificate


With the Entrepreneurial Skills for Students-Certificate everyone can point out their curricular and extracurricular activities and achieved entrepreneurial competencies. This will not only add well to your CV but mostly you`ll take away some useful skills for both your professional and personal life.


How to get your Certificate



  • Complete the elective curricular course “Entrepreneurial @venture – create your future” for B.A. or M.A. in German or English. Check StudiPort if the course is available in your course of studies. You can also participate on a voluntary basis.


  • Check out the Events on Flensburg Campus or the border-region Start-Up Network for Workshops on Methods of Entrepreneurship Education or Entrepreneurship Know-How. Minimum Workload: 3 hours
  • e.g.: @venturedock – Events
  • https://venturewaerft.com/de/events-de
  • https://www.startupsh.de/
  • https://www.yooweedoo.org/de/academy

For Individual Counseling on your Idea, e.g. with your team project from “Entrepreneurial @venture” make an appointment with Dock1.

For Practical Entrepreneurship Education ask Elena Pauly for the upcoming events. You will get to know and support Entrepreneurship Education events e.g. with schools.

Make sure to get your confirmation of participation signed in each extracurricular activity – DOWNLOAD

For all further questions and registration to one of the certificates mail to:

Elena Pauly, M.A.