Our seminar “Entrepreneurial @venture – Create Your Future” offers insights into the work and processes of innovative companies and startups. Built on Saras Sarasvathy’s effectuation approach, the six sessions (each 4 hours) are an entrepreneurial journey – from problem identification, over design thinking, to a final pitch presentation. In this course, our students are assigned in interdisciplinary groups and will work throughout the seminar together. Students have the opportunity to work on their own projects and ideas, while having the support of the lecturer.


The goal of this seminar is to promote the competence of entrepreneurial thinking and action. This is not only useful to start a new company, but also makes a significant contribution to identifying problems and being able to solve them with creative and innovative ideas.


The seminar begins with an introduction of basic concepts, before the groups identifying problems in their everyday life as anomalies and examining them from diverse perspectives in the second session. Based on the knowledge gained, innovative ideas will be generated using various design thinking methods in the third session. These innovative ideas will be converted into prototypes in the fourth session. In the fifth session, students learn basics of pitching, which will take a place in the final session. All groups present their projects in the final pitch session.

To ensure fruitful group works in the seminar, all participants are expected to attend the 6 seminar sessions.

Due to the interdisciplinary characteristics of the seminar, different exam requirements apply for participants. These will be explained in the first session.